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People prefer to stay indoors to avoid pollution, however Indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the outside air.


With 15+ years of experience in clean air solutions and a team of experts that drive the company towards it’s vision, iflow India offers full range of clean air solutions. With a focus on using technology to aid good health and an equally good environment, the team offers innovative customized solutions to create healthier homes and workplaces.

With technological advancements, we are able to establish the how’s and why’s of your surrounding environment and recommend a solution that’s just right for you. We work directly with the manufacturer to create high performance clean air solutions.

Covering entire India, our services enable you to breathe healthier with our solutions.


Health Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a major concern in urban and semi urban areas of India, being mainly contributed by industrial growth, multi-fold increase in vehicular traffic, burning of stubbles and geographical weather conditions. Air pollution is the main reason to trigger Lung diseases and Respiratory problems (such as Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Our sensor-based outdoor air quality monitoring equipment captures real time ambient pollutant levels and can transmit data to Indoor display units or Cloud server. The equipment is capable of capturing data for pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, SOX, NO2, Ozone and thermal comfort factors like temperature and humidity. The sensors are housed in IP65 cabinet. Stored data can be retrieved up to 2 years.


Our desktop and wall-mounted indoor air quality monitors are equipped with high end sensors to measure critical air pollutants like PM2.5, PM 10, PM 1, TVOC, CO2 and thermal comfort factors like temperature and humidity. Suitable for homes, commercial and industrial buildings. The real time data is transferred to cloud server and historical data can be retrieved up to 2 years.

started with a vision

iFlow India, a company started with a vision to provide Air Solutions related to Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation, aims to enhance the quality of life through the successful achievement of cleaner and healthier air. In order to control Indoor Air Quality, we must know pollutants which are present in Indoor air e.g. PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, Volatile Organic Compounds, and CO2.

Outdoor Environment – Real Time Monitoring

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi
  • AQI
  • 0
  • PM2.5
  • 0
  • μg/m3
  • PM10
  • 0
  • μg/m3
  • TEMP
  • 0
  • °C
  • HUM
  • 0
  • % RH
  • 0
  • μg/m3
  • CO
  • 0
  • mg/m3
  • NO2
  • 0
  • μg/m3
  • SO2
  • 0
  • μg/m3
  • Wind Speed
  • 0
  • Km/h

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Technology based solution in sync with life.

Various type pollutants which are normally present in Indoor air environment - Particulate matter, Volatile Organic Compounds, Bacteria, Viruses Mold, and Odour etc. can be removed or treated using different type of filtration methods

Electronic Air Cleaners based on Electrostatic Precipitation

Photo Catalytic Oxidation using Titanium Oxide with soft UV

Media Filtration

Chemical Filtration or Adsorption

Active Oxygen ( Ozone Air Sterilizer )

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